Sunday, July 19, 2015

Copenhagen Continued

Dad resting by a windmill

 Dad & I spent the last two days making good use of our Copenhagen Cards. We walked through countless museums, including the Design Museum, Rosenborg Castle, the Amber Museum, and the Theatre Museum. We also got a lot of exercise!

The stairwell to the dome

   My dad humored me and agreed to climb the 250+ spiral stairs that lead up to the top of Fredrik's Church. The stair were no more than 4" wider than our shoulders. I was questioning my judgement about halfway up when it dawned on me that we would have to take the same tiny staircase back down. I am by no means claustrophobic, but part of me wasn't all too pleased at my choice to cram myself into this tiny stone stairway that climbed 60 meters into the sky. Once we climbed through the hatch at the top it was evident that I had made the right decision, although I think my dad was still wondering why he listened to me! The view from the top is impressive and there are a few wooden benches to sit and catch your breath. After walking around the dome and taking a few photos dad & I were ready to make our descent.

A view from the top of Frederik's Church

  We walked through the city at night and had a few drinks at La Fontaine, a little jazz club that hosts live music on the weekend. Well most weekends, just not this one. Oh well, the atmosphere was dive bar-chic and the canned music they were playing was good. After we got back to the hotel we watched the Tivoli Garden firework show from the comfort of our hotel room stairwell. My dad started reminiscing about the fireworks at Expo '86, and told me a charming little story of how my parents managed to lose me for about 15 minutes, and had to go to lost & found to claim me. I no longer feel bad about forgetting my computer on the train and making him go back to the station with me to get it.
 Today is dad's birthday, and to celebrate, we took another canal cruise because it was included in the Copenhagen Card and who doesn't love a free boat ride?
 I got to watch my dad's sprinting prowess a few times as the wind blew his Carlsberg hat of his head and down the street, and once into the train station.
 There is so much to see and do in Copenhagen, 3 and 1/2 days is a good start, but not nearly enough to see it all.  We're on the train now back to Gothenburg, and I will not forget my computer when we get off!
A Balmain gown at the Design Museum
Crown from Rosenborg Castle

The King's Private Box at the Court Theatre
Jurassic Park in the making at the Amber Museum

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