Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sam's Packing List

Hi everyone!

Well I checked the weather forecast and it looks like I'm in for a mix of sun and rain, which translates to even more outfit options! My suitcase is a mixed bag of shorts, linen pants (a must have for almost any of my trips!) jeans, 2 sun dresses, 2 bathing suits and a plethora of different tops, as well as a raincoat I just picked up at Costco (only $28.00!). I'll also be bringing along my runners, flip flops, and a pair of flats. This will be the first trip I can recall that I'm not packing at least 1 pair of heels, but I don't think I'll be going out dancing, since I'll be with my Pops!

 In my toiletry bag I have my Consonant sunscreen, my PRTTY Peaushun miracle lotion (does everything from moisturize & tighten, to repel pesky mosquitoes, all while  adding a little sparkle & glow!) some other creams & bathroom essentials, as well as the all important body glide anti-chaffing, anti-blister stick. That little blue stick was my savior whilst in Jamaica, and at home. Rub it on your feet and you avoid blisters, rub it on your thighs and no more thigh chaffing (not all of us were blessed with the thigh gap.)
 And then there's my carry-on. I always bring my biggest purse, as well as a carry-on suitcase. That way I have plenty of room for snacks, a water bottle (that I fill up after security) some trashy magazines, my laptop, a travel pillow & blanket or pashmina shawl, some warm socks, eye mask, and my new favorite travel accessory - my noise cancelling headphones. They work awesome and they come in a handy little case too!

You can get the sunscreen and PRTTY Peashun here, as well as a re-usable water bottle: Sam's favorite store ever
The headphones can be found here:noise cancelling headphones

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