Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sam's Swedish Adventure - the prolougue

Hello All!

Sam here.

My dad recently took a 6 month job posting in Sweden, so naturally, being the loving and supportive daughter I am, jumped at the opportunity to hop on a plane and spend some quality father-daughter time while exploring Scandinavia. I think the trip will be a little more National Lampoon European Vacation, rather than a Norman Rockwell painting, so I figured why not let you follow along and enjoy some laughs along the way!

My first step was to buy my ticket. I book tickets for you guys on a daily basis, but I forgot about the tiny moment of terror/ excitement that happens when you click the 'confirm' button. I found some decent flights with good connection times (4 hrs in Paris on the way there, and 2 hrs in Amsterdam on the way home) and so I booked them! As soon as I clicked confirm, the terror & excitement buzzed through my body. That gave way to two conflicting feelings, the traveler in  me was ready to pack my bags, grab my passport & go, but the mom in me started to fret over the little details of leaving my husband and 2 boys, aged 4 and 6 for 11 days (the longest I've been gone from them.) I made mental notes about stockpiling their favorite snacks, cleaning their Tae Kwon Do uniforms, and making sure my husband knows where their CareCards are kept. I think my list is getting shorter (although I seem to be completing one task and adding another) and the time is ticking down.

I'll be packing my bags tomorrow, and sharing my can't live without items, as well as my penchant for over packing (you can never have too many options, right?!) So I guess I'll talk to you guys tomorrow.

Sweet dreams xoxo


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