Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hej from Stockholm!

Hej (hello) from Stockholm!

 This morning my dad and I hopped on the tram to the Götenburg central train station and boarded the high speed train to Stockholm. There is something special about train stations, they have more soul than airports, or maybe even a tiny bit of magic. The train itself was roomy inside, with plenty of leg room. The ride was smooth and almost silent, just a very faint hum from the engine. We enjoyed the sights of the lakes, trees and farmlands that lined our path. The trip took 3 hours, which seemed to go by quickly. I read my book and we visited the bistro car for a snack.

Once we arrived in Stockholm it took us a little while (and some wandering around in circles) to get our bearings. But once we found our hotel we had a decent handle on the lay of the land. We took the train to Djurgården and walked around. Stockholm is stunning!

Tomorrow we are going to take a sight seeing tour around the city, so tonight we are taking it easy in out tiny little hotel room. OUr room is 1 level below the ground. It has no windows and it's a bit of a shoebox, but hopefully no daylight means a good night's rest.

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