Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hejdå Stockholm, Hej Copenhagen!

My dad and I bid the beautiful city of Stockholm farewell today, and boarded the high speed train to Copenhagen. The trip took 5 hours and went by fairly quickly thanks to the free wi-fi on board. The only bummer was our seats faced the back of the train. If you ride the train through Sweden you will enjoy the sights of farms, small towns, forests and lakes, unless you are riding backwards, in which case you see the sights whirling past you in a blur, as you are being flung backwards at 120 mph. Do you remember those old Volvos that had the rear facing seats? I remember one of my friend's mom's having one. We all used to fight about who got to sit in the coveted back seat, until the the car started moving and whoever had the honour of sitting in the back was now green in the face & clutching a plastic bag.
 After 5 hours of looking at anything except the windows we got off the train and out of the station. We looked at google maps on dad's phone, then we looked past the bike racks and saw our hotel. We checked in and made our way down the street to the modern & very helpful visitor information center. We purchased a 72 hr Copenhagen Card, which grants us access to 74 museums and attractions, unlimited access to the bus and metro systems, and discounts at numerous stores and restaurants. We decided to go back to the hotel to plan our stay. My dad sat down at his laptop, and I went to pull mine out of my suitcase; CRAP!!!! The front pocket of my suitcase was empty, I had left my laptop on the train! My heart dropped to my stomach as I realized my husband was going to be pissed. How could I have forgotten it? Oh well, back to the train station to see what we could do. The woman at lost & found was very helpful, and told us what train she hoped it would be on, which was set to depart in 8 minutes. Dad & I raced off through the station and on to the platform & into the train; no laptop. Bugger! We ask the train attendant and she calls the train we were on. It had just left the station and my laptop was still on board, and as luck would have it the attendant was coming back to Copenhagen in 4 hours. I breathed a sigh of relief as we walked back to the hotel, impressed by how fast my dad could still run. I texted the hubby to let him know of my mental lapse, and subsequent good fortune.

The train station from our hotel

A few hours later it was back to the train station again, and the very friendly & helpful Carl handed me my laptop, oh I could've kissed him! But I decided to just get dad to shake his hand while I beamed like a kid on Christmas. Back to the hotel to text hubby a photo of me and the laptop, just to set his mind at ease, and let him laugh at me, then out for dinner.
 We walked over to a little Thai restaurant down the street. It had good reviews on Yelp, and was packed with locals. The food was really good! Then we decided to pull out our Copenhagen Cards and use them to enter Tivoli Garden, an amusement park that first opened in 1843. Next we walked along a few of the streets that lined Tivoli and past by City Hall. Then it was back to the room for the night, I have had enough excitement for one day!

Tivoli Main Gate

The Pantomime Theatre at Tivoli

A view from Tivoli Garden

Copenhagen City Hall

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