Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Thoughts on Flying Solo

I have been flying by myself since I was sixteen & my mom sent me over to visit my cousins in England. I was excited about venturing out on my own, and I've kept that attitude for the last 17 years. This is the 5th time I've taken a solo trip; after England, I flew to India & back by myself (but traveled with my husband's family once I got there) San Francisco, and Jamaica. Some people hate traveling alone, and I get that, but I find it way easier. You only have to worry about yourself and you get to set the pace of your travel day. I also find that flight attendants are that much kinder to you - if there's an open seat or two, I usually get to move over and stretch out. This trip was no different, I was seated in a row of four, and my lovely flight attendant asked if I wanted to move over to an empty row of two with a window seat, score! All was great, until some woman decided that she was going to switch seats and sit right next to me, bummer! Oh well, I still got the window seat, I just couldn't put my feet up & fall asleep. My flight from Paris to Gothenburg was over sold, and they were asking people to take the later flight instead. I took comfort in thinking they wouldn't bump me, since what good is only one seat to them. I was right, or someone else took the compensation willingly & flew out later, either way I got on the plane and settled in next to a friendly older man from Philadelphia. Your bags seem to come out faster when you only have to wait for one! So off I was in Gothemburg with my baggage and was met in the greeting area by my dad. Another successful solo trip! Sure there are a few downsides; I find it hard to fall asleep in the airport by myself, but I have my little method of stacking my bags and using my purse as a pillow, so I can rest. I guess the most important thing about traveling solo or in a big group is your attitude. If you can laugh at the bad stuff, and smile to everyone around you, you will have a great trip; if you're stressed and irritated, then things aren't going to go you way. Have a plan in place, but be prepared for some additional adventures along the way!

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